About me

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Hello! Thank you for stopping by, let me introduce myself:

I'm Kate, I'm a Norwich-based creative and I'm passionate about 'fashioning' positive social and environmental impact.

I have always been completely captivated by the potential of fashion and clothing, spending most of my childhood dressing up in clothes whenever possible, and most of my teenage years scouring the local charity shops to recreate fashion looks I saw in magazines and on TV. (By the way, this is still one of my favourite activities! Also drinking coffee...)

However, as much as I love fashion and style, I hate almost everything about the fashion industry. I hate the human exploitation inherent in our global supply chains. I hate that 80% of the garment workers being exploited are women. I hate the irreversible and devastating environmental damage that follows the manufacture and disposal of clothing. I hate the elitist beauty ideals that leave so many people feeling invisible, not enough, ugly.

In 2012 I felt so strongly about this that went back to university to study for my Masters in Fashion at Norwich University of the Arts, where most of my research surrounded how to 'do' fashion better; how can we relate to fashion and clothing differently? How can we produce clothing ethically? How can we create sustainable practices? How can we communicate more positive messages through fashion and beauty?

I call myself a Conscious Creative, because while I love fashion, style and creativity, and celebrate these every day in my creative styling work, I don't believe that style needs to come at a cost to people and planet. I believe that there is a better way. And I intend to figure out what this is.

I call myself a Fashion Activist because I fundamentally believe in the power of fashion as a means of communication and of transformation. I believe we can use this power for good. I haven't got it all sorted yet, but I'm on a journey, exploring ways this could be done. You can join me, if you like! Or at least, let's have a cup of coffee and talk about it sometime? I love coffee.