Change Your World- Not Your Body

So on one of my recent meanderings across the internet (which generally involve typing any particular combination of the terms 'fashion', 'body image' and 'feminism' into a search engine (or Amazon- I actually have a scarily large and ever increasing library of books on these subjects to work through! more on that another time...)) and I discovered the amazing Jes Baker - who you should definitely 100% check out immediately even if you have no interest in body image, fashion or feminism (but really, though? Who are these people?) due to her levels of utter awesomeness. 

Baker describes herself as a 'body image blogger' and 'fatshion fan'. I immediately fall in love with her again- I adore a good word mash-up. I'm trying to make 'fashtivism' a thing... Get it? Fashion + Activism...? Is it too much like 'fascism'? because that's a VERY different thing and sort of the opposite thing to the thing I'm going for... I'll take all your notes on this, peoples.

Anyway. I found Jes Baker, and then I found this Tedx talk she delivered in Tucson- and you should all watch it. Here you go:

As well as being a completely engaging speaker with great comedy timing, Baker nails it with a logical and reasoned argument as to WHY THIS IS A MASSIVE DEAL and we need to address these issues.

What stands out for me the most, is the fact that we have the power to change the status quo. All of the 'rules' we think we should follow as to what constitutes beauty are actually invented; we have agency over our own lives, even over our own thoughts (I'm definitely going to give the post-it challenge a go!) and we can change them.

Keep up the good work, Jes!


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