Secondhand-first Shoot with Alexandra Blackburn

Well hello everyone! 

I thought I'd share a little bit of what I've been getting up to- which has been mainly leaving my day-job to go freelance, and building a website- which is all rather exciting!

I asked the wonderful wonderful and talented Alexandra Blackburn to take some pictures of me for the website and other such purposes, and I thought I'd share a few of them, mainly because all of the outfits are put together from #secondhandfirst pieces.

The items are a mixture of vintage, charity-shop and jumble sale finds and I LOVE being able to put whole outfits together knowing that nothing was new!

All the shots were taken against the backdrop of our Fine City (not too far from my house- which facilitated lots of quick outfit changes!)

Secondhand first outfit By Kate Elizabeth

Pink cashmere jumper via British Heart Foundation, faux leather skirt and D&G blazer both also via the chazza (but can't remember which, sorry folks) ex-M&S necklace and shoe-boots both via Oxfam.

secondhand first outfit By Kate Elizabeth 2

Same deal as the above, folks.

secondhand first outfit By Kate Elizabeth 3

Red and black houndstooth skirt, vintage, sourced online. Silk Givenchy scarf (I think it's real!) from Age UK Norwich, 'love' motif jumper from British Heart Foundation.

(The sunglasses were via TK Maxx sorry but they just looked too awesome!)

secondhand first outfit By Kate Elizabeth 4

So you can see the print on the back! Bangle I've added also from the charity shop- I have quite a large collection now...

secondhand first outfit By Kate Elizabeth 5

Claret velour bomber jacket via Big C on Magdalen Street, Velvet 90s skirt and Jigsaw jumper both secondhand via charity shops.

secondhand first outfit By Kate Elizabeth 6

Scarf and bangles both secondhand via the chazza, wool 1980s dress from Harrods was acquired at a jumble sale- it's SO warm and cosy! Boots were new when I bought them several years ago (about 7) and wasn't so strict about my #secondhandfirst policy. They've lasted, though!

secondhand first outfit By Kate Elizabeth 7

Camel Aquascutum coat vintage, sourced online. I feel like a businesswoman from the 1980s- which i think is not a bad thing in any way.

This is only a handful of the images that Ally took- in fact, in most of them I was pulling some quite (unintentionally) hilarious faces- so I will not share those here, but perhaps save them up for some sort of very entertaining 'outtakes' video, later, or in fact a 'GIF', if I can figure out how those work...

Perhaps we could make this a thing on social media- we'll call it 'outtake of the day'! 

If anyone else is into it, send me your #ootd pics that didn't make the cut and we could create a whole gallery of them! Ooh, loving this idea!